• MAKER:

Creative Associate

Say hello to Adrianne Herold, a creative of many fields. I (Alisa) met Adrianne a couple of years ago through Instagram and soon after began developing a close friendship through photography. Since then, it has been a great joy to continue to see Adrianne flourish in all things creative. During the early stages of HartHaus, Brad and I would dream about what kind of creative team we could gather together and Adrianne & her talents immediately came into mind.

I showed Brad her work and he immediately set up a meeting to encourage her to apply, knowing that she would be a great fit for the talent & culture we desired to create within HartHaus Co. Although she entered into this meeting thinking we would ask her to join our team as a photographer, little had she known we had our eye on what she just considered just a “hobby.”


Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Adrianne’s collection of work and we really got to see how her product comes to life in the homes of others, as well as her own. I also was able to see her in action and experience the process that goes on behind the scenes of her custom lathe woodworking pieces and I was blown away! One of the many things I love about our company is not only the incredible people we get to gather together in community but also the process of learning from one another when create. I had a great time seeing Adrianne in action and am looking forward to all that’s to come!

All of Adrianne’s collection will be available in the shop October 1, 2017!