Oh, hello! I'm
Alisa Nicholle
Associate Creative Director

I began an internship with Brad Hart through his photography business, Brad Hart Co, in the summer of 2015. Throughout the time of my internship, Brad constantly placed me in a position I didn’t belong. He gave me countless opportunities to fully embrace the responsibilities & leadership of being a photographer in the wedding industry, and he always encouraged me to fully embrace my creative heart. There were countless times where I never felt qualified for the job, and yet I had someone who believed in me and took the time to invest in my growth, which overall helped me discover that I was not only qualified, but also created to be a creator.

In January 2017, I accepted a position as an associate photographer / social director for Brad Hart Co. In March, I was blessed with the opportunity to step into this position full time. Meanwhile, the start of HartHaus began. I am beyond blessed & honored to have the opportunity to come behind the vision of HartHaus and help the process of developing this company. From the experience I gained through my journey, I recognize the power of mentorship in this creative field and am incredibly excited to have the opportunity to invest in other young creative entrepreneurs the same way I had someone invest in me. My heart desires to get to know others, to help them discover their creative callings, and to help them step fully into who they were created to be.


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