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Evan & Sammy
Apparel Design

Evan and Sammy are apparel designers under the name of their clothing company, LVNT GRDE, along with their business partner, Ryan. LVNT GRDE began with the sole purpose of creating to create, to listen to the creative inner monologue we each have to bring a new thing to life.

The soul of LVNT GRDE is rooted in collaboration. Our favorite moments are seated around a table sharing a drink, and allowing the creative mind to wander.

Now for the DTR of our relationship with HartHaus.

We are partnering with Harthaus to bring Illinois something straight from the surf and sun of San Diego. The more we have gotten to know who Harthaus is and why they do what they do, we fallen in love with the vision of their company. Their heart to offer young aspiring creatives unique opportunities to pursue their craft falls in line with LVNT GRDE’s company narrative. Just like Harthaus, we want creatives succeed in what they love to do, while creating a community that builds each other up and jumps at the opportunity to work together. Seeing that collaboration is an integral piece of both Harthas and LVNT GRDE, it only made sense to collaborate with each other.

Here’s to our collaboration with HartHaus satisfying your pursuit for the summer sun all year round.  

With Love,