First and foremost, you matter. You matter a whole lot. There has never been anyone like you before in all of human history with the unique makeup of your hopes, your dreams, your loves, your talents, your vision, your passion, your unique view of the world, your compassion, your fight, your beauty of heart, your experience, your cultural background, your genetic makeup and everything else that makes up the unique person that is you. And by the way, there never will be one like you again. For a brief moment, the world has you.

For many of us so much of our worth, value and identity is found in what we do, in our roles, in our job, in the things we put our hands to, in our titles, in our education or in who others believe we should do or should be.  Our identity is so rooted in these things that, if and when thing goes away, we are left purposeless, directionless, doubting and in identity crisis, in a downward spiral, no longer knowing who we are.  Our greatest desire is that you would go on the life-giving journey of discovering who you are at your most honest, at your realest; to know yourself deeply and love yourself well. This is unshakable and something that cannot be taken from you. All of life, including your calling, flows from this.  You matter a whole lot.


Everyone wants their life to count for what matters most to them.  Once you fall in love with the beautiful person that you are, comes the joy in discovering what you are uniquely made to do in the world.  What good would it do to discover your identity but not do something with it?  When this calling flows out of who you are, there comes an expression of what you do that can impact those around you in a way no one else could.   We want to give you permission to do what you do, stand with you, pick you up when you fail, cheer you on!  What you do matters and we want to push you to be and do everything you were made to be and do because we know the world needs what you have!





Creative work, entrepreneurship, and life in general is hard and was never meant to do alone.  You are not alone!  We want to empower one another, stand with one another, encourage one another to passionately pursue our most honest selves and the expression of our callings out in the world for the betterment of our city.  We want to grow together, share meals around a table together, bring beauty into our city together.  We would love it if you would join us!

Our city is the place that we all call home and we love it a whole lot!  We truly believe that the better the people in our city do, the better we will all do.  If there are enough people gathering together around the values that we hold dear, then our city and our culture will begin to change.  We want to be a community that doesn't just use our creativity and talents to make a living, but to impact our city for good!